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Who am I ?

  • Reynald05

    « – I am a photographer to share the pleasure of my clients, telling a story through my lens and offer them a moment of dream « 


    I’m born in 1966 in Geneva, canton where I will reside until 33 years old. I have the big happiness to be married with a wonderful woman, who gave me 2 children and above all, understand my 2 big passions : Diving & Photography.

    After completing my military service and a few jobs here and there, I joined in 1986 the Police forces of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, where I will stay 3 years, before to establish myself like specialist in the different trades of Security.

    I’m back in the Police force of canton de Vaud at 33 years old, and I make the acquisition of my first numeric reflex Canon the 300D. I stayed loyal at this brand since.

    Some seven years pass, and after a change of professional orientation, I start diving seriously and I learn the art of underwater photography, teaching I go out, in all modesty great images.

    In early 2012, I go four months in Gozo (Malta) for a language travel. Of course, I did photos of the island on earth and underwater. I return to Switzerland in May to work with a luxury watch business as Security Manager.

    In the same time, I buy one Canon EOS Mark II, I follow a course of photographer and I have my diploma after 14 months.

    Next, I perfected myself with different practical courses of nude, landscape, portrait, culinary, and of course underwater photography, with professional photographers in Paris, Lyon and Malta.

    Then I decide to get into the adventure as a freelance photographer, especially in culinary, portrait and underwater photography.

    Always on the lookout to learn, I program regularly refresher courses, both in the practical field, as in mastering software dedicated to photography, in only one goal : to be able to offer you a quality compliant of your requirements.

    I stay at your disposal via the contact form for any questions.

    Have a great day.

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